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Navigating Imposter Syndrome with Lea Berry

The Imposter Syndrome conversation with Lea will aim to address the following:

  • Create an objective view of audience members’ perceived limitations

  • Help combat the negative self-talk that limits engagement and motivation

  • Improve the level of communication with team members, managers, etc

Session Objectives: During the Imposter Syndrome conversation, participants will:

  • Learn the types of Imposter Syndrome personas

  • Develop an understanding of their own self-talk

  • Develop strategies to help overcome their perceptions

  • Build communication practice with their persona with their peers

Lea Berry is a certified Life & Career coach for Millennials looking to make an impact in their ideal careers. She combines a decade of foreign and domestic policy and consulting experience to help her clients navigate the job market with a fresh and creative approach. An avid connector, she hosts a number of workshops, group coaching and individual coaching programs across the public and private sector to help Millennials rise into leadership positions with practical tools and insights. She’s helped increase retention and achieve greater engagement for a number of clients in various industries including government consulting, lobbying, non-profits, NGOs, USG and Fortune 100 companies.

She is proud to support professionals successfully level up their careers that speak to their strengths and interests while continuing to seek new challenges and opportunities to grow. When she isn’t hosting workshops or coaching, you can find Lea with her Husband and daughter gardening or taking on a new house project in Kensington, MD.

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