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Program FAQ

The Dream in Me is a year-long initiative led by Inclusion NextWork and GCI Health to mentor the next generation of young Black leaders (ages 16-20) to develop and communicate about their visions for their communities. It is part of a long-term effort to promote access, justice, inclusion, equity and diversity.  Each participant will each receive $250 to implement their community vision. 

GCI Health is an award-winning global integrated healthcare communications agency Inspired by People. We share our clients’ desire to improve the health of all people around the world and work tirelessly to contribute to their ambitious goals. Our approach to communications is rooted in looking at all stakeholders – patients, caregivers, healthcare providers, policy makers, reporters and payers – as people with distinct perspectives that shape how they think about health. We create breakthrough, people-driven programs that drive tangible results for our clients and the people they serve.

Q. Who is eligible for this program?

A. Any person who identifies as Black or African American between the ages of 16-20 years old as of February 1, 2021 that is a current U.S. resident is eligible to enter. 


Q. Why must I be a young Black or African American person to be eligible?

A. The Dream in Me program is designed to reflect who Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was and to encourage and inspire young Black leaders to see themselves in the legacy Dr. King created by following suit and making their own impact as leaders in their communities. As a young Black leader, Dr. King was able to inspire all people to make positive changes, and we are hoping to help aspiring young Black leaders work towards their vision for positive change.


Q. What is required in my submission for this program?

A. Entrants must submit a 60-second video or audio file or 500-word essay answering the question “What is your vision for your community?”


We encourage creativity in your writing, audio or video. You are not required to be on camera yourself. You will be judged by your content and creativity; not by the spelling or grammar of your essay, or camera quality of your video. 


Inclusion NextWork must receive your submission by 11:59 P.M. EST on February 26, 2021. Please submit your entries to or through the Google form submission link here in order to be considered.


Q. How will the leaders be determined?

A. Inclusion NextWork will review all submissions to determine the selected leaders from each age category. Selection will be based on your ability to clearly communicate your vision for your community. We will be looking for people who are able to motivate and inspire others through their creative ideas for improving their community or a brighter future for those who live there. Consider what you want to see changed in your community. What’s the biggest challenge for you or the community and how can you see your community overcoming those challenges?


Q. How many future leaders will be selected this year?

A. During our inaugural year, we will choose two leaders from the 16-17, 17-18, 18-19 and 19-20 year age ranges, totalling 8 leaders based on their age during the year 2021. We will re-evaluate this number for future years. 


Q. When will I find out if I was selected to participate in the mentorship program?

A. We will be in touch with those selected by February 26, 2021.

Q. What do I need to commit to if I am selected?

A. We will ask that the young leaders selected commit to participating in four (4) quarterly workshops facilitated by Inclusion NextWork regarding their vision to improve their communities. 


Additionally, we ask that the selected leaders commit to working with Inclusion NextWork staff through monthly check-ins to ensure support and that goals and objectives are met. You will be encouraged to work within your cohort. This is not a guarantee of employment, this is an opportunity to be mentored by experts in their field.

Q. How long will the program last?

A. The Dream in Me is intended to last for 1 consecutive year. The year will be 365 days following the announced selections.


Q. What is expected from me during The Dream in Me year?

A. We will ask that the young leaders participate in four (4) quarterly workshops approximately 2 hours each and monthly check-ins.


Q. What will be expected from me after the year has ended?

A.  Our hope is to continue the program annually. You may be asked to share your experience with the next set of young leaders selected in forthcoming years.


Q. Will participation in this program provide me access to a job at GCI Health or Inclusion NextWork?

A. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee you a position at GCI Health or Inclusion NextWork in the future. However, we hope for this to be an ongoing relationship as part of a multi-year commitment.


Q. What if I have questions in the lead-up to the selection?

A. You can direct all questions to