Maya Pace, Chief Community Officer - Lead for America


I truly can’t speak highly enough about Lead for America’s time with Inclusion NextWork. Dan and Minjon gave a dynamic and accessible training that offered a critical foundation of common knowledge on IDEAS principles and implicit bias. Thanks to the care and specificity they imbued throughout the training, folks to walked away with a tangible understanding of how these realities manifest in their own work and tools for taking action to uphold IDEAS principles. Dan and Minjon are incredible facilitators—they held people in loving accountability, asked participants to go further while also meeting them where they were at, and demonstrated what it means to put IDEAS principles into practice. I learned so much from them in every regard!


Lara Nina Shabb, Chief of Staff - Doha Debates


Participating and speaking at the INW Summit felt safe and challenging, warm and expansive. The thoughtfulness that went into organizing every little piece of the summit - from the food, to the posters, to the programming - created an atmosphere of home and invited challenging questions and discourse - so that we ended somewhere different than where we started. I am so grateful to the organizers of INW for the thought and care that went into the summit, and to the community for showing up in receptive openness. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

JonRobert Tartaglione, CEO and Founder - Influence 51

I firmly believe Inclusion NextWork will be responsible for inspiring and empowering some of the world’s newest IDEAS leaders. The events I’ve attended have been powerful, poignant, and practical - leaving attendees equipped with both the determination to forge ahead as well as the knowledge, tools, and network to do so effectively. If you’re looking to join a community truly committed to promoting social change, look no further.