Nyki Headshot Pink  - Nyki Caldwell.jpg

Nyki Caldwell

Pronoun: She/her/hers

Location: Washington, DC

Affiliation: Cook Ross

Occupation: Special Assistant to the Partners

My background: I grew up in a small rural town in Michigan where few others in my community looked like me. With this, I learned to build bridges across difference and cultivate strong bonds based on common ground at an early age. This was not a conscious effort, but what I later learned to be a skill that would greatly serve me throughout my life. It wasn’t until I got to college that I had the opportunity to fully understand a core identity of myself through what was mirrored by the women of color around me. This, in turn, equipped and empowered me to continuously accept, become and contribute my best self. In my time working at a diversity and inclusion (D&I) firm, I’ve developed a clear understanding for how we as a society approach and understand topics related to diversity and inclusion, and with this, a lens for where the gaps in our understanding and appreciation for one another lie.

Through INW, I intend to leverage this background to serve my peers, my community and my society in dismantling the barriers that inhibit access to our individual and collective full potentials, that which exists within and across the diversity and intersectionality in each of us. I offer myself as an independent self-thinker who is personally committed to celebrating difference, and fostering communities that are inclusive of difference as a life practice. I joined this community platform as a way to contribute the lived experiences, observations, challenges and questions of myself and my peers to the larger dialogue of social justice issues, and to creatively and collaboratively develop strategies towards a more inclusive future alongside like-minded, like-hearted individuals.