Natalia Alvarez Diaz

Pronoun: She/her/hers

Location: Washington DC

Affiliation: EAB

Occupation: Senior Analyst, Content Marketing and Cohort Service

My Background:

Although I am a Mexico City native, I was lucky enough to spend my childhood in a number of incredible cities – from Wellington, New Zealand, to Beirut, Lebanon. Having grown up in a multi-cultural and multi-lingual context, I have come to understand the value of diversity and the challenges of inclusion. I studied Politics and History at Mount Holyoke College in Western Massachusetts, and currently live in Washington DC, where I work on issues of higher education access and student success. Outside of my job, I am a leader in the Sanctuary DMV movement, and work with Planned Parenthood of Metro Washington, the Latin American Youth Center, and the Capital Area Immigrants’ Rights Coalition.

Why I joined INW

To meet and collaborate with a diverse group of people who are also passionate about social justice and inclusion, and to deepen my knowledge of effective social impact practices.