Jonathan BRaxton

Pronouns: he/his/him

Location: Washington D.C.

My background:

Service and helping others has always been the cornerstone of my family’s beliefs. Growing up in a Military family and being  African American I feel gave me a unique perspective about current race relations in this country. However, one thing that I have come to understand is that just because you believe in a perspective does not mean it is the right one. I hope to further educate myself while going through this journey in INW and following my family’s path of service and helping others.

Why I joined INW:

Starting with several charters schools in D.C. I strove to help and support the teachers at would educate the future leaders in our world. Technology quickly has become a part of our daily lives. Something that simply put, has connected the world in an unprecedented way. Working with the three talented founders of INW I hope to use my love of technology and service to help bring the idea of diversity and inclusion to as many communities as possible.