Jaclyn Eman


Location:St. Petersburg, FL


Occupation: Raymond James Financial

Occupation: Recruiting Coordinator, Talent Acquisition/HR

My background: 

I work very close with our firms Director of Diversity and Inclusion, and throughout my career at Raymond James have always been involved in our diversity and inclusion initiatives. I am currently on the leadership committee of our Young Professional Network as well as our Pride Network. Most recently have taken the lead for St. Pete Pride and have planned several events for our Black Financial Advisor Network to enhance diverse recruiting efforts.


Why I joined INW:

The Inclusion Network was highly spoken of by our director, which is how I initially heard of it. I believe there is great value in learning from others and connecting with like minded people who are passionate about the same things I am. By joining the network, I'd hope to learn from others, to stretch beyond my comfort zones and personal experiences, to be able to contribute something valuable to the network and to be able to leverage my experiences with the network to help create a more inclusive culture at Raymond James.