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We are a global community of emerging leaders activating Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility and Social justice to create thriving communities and organizations. We are who we've been waiting for. Join us!

We Are Inclusion NextWork

Our name combines two concepts that are central to who we are:

Inclusion (/inˈklo͞oZHən/): The intentional creation and re-creation of conditions where everyone is valued and belongs...as they are. Millennials and Generation Z are the most diverse generations yet, but diversity requires inclusion to flourish. 

NextWork (ˈnekstˌwərk): A next-generation, future-focused, innovative community, collaboratively working towards a new vision of a world anchored in IDEAS.

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Our IDEAS Model

What We Do

Create Community

We believe that relationships and solidarity are the building blocks of social change. 

By connecting leaders who are personally and professionally committed to IDEAS, we advance our collective capacity to create a world anchored in these principles together.

Grow Next-Gen Leaders

Healing a polarized society requires bridge-builders who can lead and collaborate across difference. 

Our community and leadership development programming equips both formal IDEAS practitioners and advocates with the skills needed to drive change in their communities and organizations.

Elevate New Perspectives

Our generations bring new insights and energy to address the systems of inequality and injustice we’ve inherited.

Through research, thought leadership, and content development, we provide a platform for these fresh perspectives to expand and deepen the IDEAS field.

Cultivate IDEAS - Centered


The perspective of next-gen leaders are crucial to catalyze institutional change. 

We use an innovative next-gen team model to advise organizations on holistically embedding IDEAS principals into their workplaces and cultures.

Upcoming Events

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I truly can’t speak highly enough about Lead for America’s time with Inclusion NextWork. Thanks to the care and specificity INW imbued throughout the training, folks walked away with a tangible understanding of how these realities manifest in their own work and tools for taking action to uphold IDEAS principles.

Maya Pace, Chief Program Officer - Lead for America



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