Current Openings


IDEAS Intern; Remote, Part-time, Internship (Paid)

About Inclusion NextWork (INW):

Inclusion NextWork is a global collaborative for emerging leaders dedicated to IDEAS: Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Social justice. To support our vision of a world in which all people feel valued, included, and empowered in their lives, INW incorporated as a 501(c)3 nonprofit in February 2018. INW operationalizes our mission to advance our collective ability to lead social change as a collective impact network, connecting, supporting, and strengthening the capacity of Millennial and Generation-Z leaders across sectors and geographies and organizations where they work. To date, we offer leadership development programming (virtual webinars on IDEAS related topics, in-person convenings), network building, and knowledge sharing opportunities. We are also building out a consulting services suite, including strategy, assessments, training, organizational systems change, and coaching slated to go live by June 2020.

Context - Why We are Looking for You:

In August 2018, INW hosted its inaugural “IDEAS for the Future Summit” in Washington, DC. Attended by 50 IDEAS leaders from across the globe, our time together concentrated on pressing questions about how we embed IDEAS values into our professional, civic, and personal lives. Building on the momentum of that time together, the INW team is actively working to build our capacity to nurture this emerging community of practice and care while also scoping out additional offerings that can service organizations, companies, and localities. As a nonprofit, INW will leverage the revenue from these services to cross-subsidize our community and leadership development programming and convenings as well as to reduce our reliance on philanthropic funding.

Now, we at INW are in an exciting moment of inquiry about who and how we want to be as an early-stage start-up. To that end, we are excited to welcome new ideas and perspectives to the team.

Who we are looking for:

Recognizing where we are organizationally, an intern who would thrive at INW is someone who is…

1)    Passionate about the INW mission and IDEAS values

2)    Comfortable taking initiative and working independently

3)    Willing to pitch-in wherever there is need (within reason)

4)    Receptive to both giving and receiving feedback

5)    Invested in your own personal growth

6)    Open to a fairly unstructured, beginning-stage organization where there may be moments of ambiguity and uncertainty

7)    Confident in being able to self-manage and work remotely

8)    Excited about bringing your full self to the team! 

We are open to all academic majors and professional experiences. Students at any stage of their degree are welcome and encouraged to apply.  

What you can work on:

Community Building and Development

  •       Create and curate content to contribute on FB, IG, Twitter, and the INW website 

  •       Oversee online discussions on INW platforms to ensure content aligns with our values 

  •       Cultivate the INW online community by inviting others to join, expanding our reach and engaging community members

Community Conversation Coordination

  •       Handle all CC technical logistics: back-end registration, blue jeans invites 

  •       Serve as liaison and primary point of contact for speakers 

  •       Manage all surveys and feedback processes 

  •       Identify potential topics and speakers 

  •       Serve as real time tech support during CCs  

Thought Leadership

  •       Support the publication of an INW thought-paper on the future of IDEAS, including

    •    Analyze qualitative data sources (video clips, photos, and notes from all summit activities) 

    •    Identify key themes, trends, and insights 

    •    Collaborate in structuring and writing a draft Summit report 

    •    Edit, design and review report 

    •    Help disseminate report to organizations and communities 

    •    Create visuals and social media shareables that capture the key insights gleaned from the summit

  •      Contribute a ‘Perspectives’ piece on the INW website

  •       Partner with INW community members to share resources, best practices, and case-studies


  •       Research and identify potential funders (Foundations, organizations, and individuals)

  •       Building proposal templates and language

  •       Assisting with grant writing

Content Development

  •       Partner with the INW team to finalize a theory of change/logic model

  •       Collaborate in building training content and assessment structures

  •       Conducting research on IDEAS/organizational management-related topics  

Other tasks/projects as assigned. We will work in partnership with you to identify work areas of interest and need. The above list is not an exhaustive representation of our current needs, but hopefully gives you a flavor for what the internship may entail.

How we will partner together:

This internship with Inclusion NextWork will be entirely virtual with weekly scheduled check-in calls to discuss assignments, requests, and ensure you have everything you need to be successful. We anticipate 1-4 hours of INW-related work per week, with ebbs and flows depending on our programming (for example, attending our virtual community conversations will entail 1.5-2 hours per conversation and we have two a month). We are open to the duration of the internship as well as the frequency/length of our touch points. Our funding will enable us to pay $15/hour for up to 100 total hours of paid work.

What next:

If interested, please submit a resume and cover letter detailing what you would like to get out of an internship with Inclusion NextWork and if there are any particular skills, experiences, or perspectives you would like to contribute. We are looking to fill this role ASAP and will accept applications on a rolling basis. All submissions and questions about this opportunity may be sent to